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As an intermediary with a vulnerable suspect, Tina Pereira will carry out an assessment of their communication skills and then advise the police on the best way in which to question them, ensuring that the suspect is able to participate with the interview to the best of their ability.

When working with vulnerable suspects, Tina will:

  • Assess the vulnerable suspect’s communication skills

  • Explain whether she could improve the quality of that vulnerable suspect’s understanding and communication and make recommendations for questioning. 

  • Plan the interview with the interviewing officer so that any disruption to the flow of questioning is kept to a minimum.

  • Facilitate communication between the police and the suspect during the interview, including explaining the caution and charge.


A large proportion of offenders have speech and language difficulties which are not immediately apparent to the lay person[1] and Tina will be able to identify if a vulnerable suspect has difficulty understanding, in order to make sense of the caution, what they are being held for and any decisions they make in interview including those relating to the charge.


[1] Gregory, J and Bryan, K 2011 Speech and language therapy intervention with a group of persistent and prolific young offenders in a non‐custodial setting with previously undiagnosed speech, language and communication difficulties International Journal of language and Communication Disorders 46:2 202-215 Wiley

Please email Tina to organise an intermediary assessment, with your contact details and type of vulnerability the suspect experiences.

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