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Witnesses and Victims

As a Registered Intermediary, Tina Pereira will carry out an assessment of the vulnerable witness's communication skills. She will then make recommendations in relation to communication at:

  • Their visually recorded ABE interview

  • Their attendance at Court including cross examination, re-examination and memory refreshing of their evidence

  • Their attendance at a pre-trial visit to court before trial


When working with vulnerable people Tina will:

  • Assess the vulnerable witness’s communication skills, in the areas of attention and listening, understanding, communication, as well as the effect of stress and emotions on effective communication.  

  • Write a report with recommendations for questioning at an ABE interview and in Court.  

  • Facilitate communication between all parties during the proceedings as well as before.

The Witness Intermediary Team (WIT) at the National Crime Agency manages referrals to RIs. Email WIT at 

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