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Defendants and Respondents

As an intermediary with a vulnerable defendant in Criminal Courts or respondent in Family Courts, Tina Pereira will:

  • Carry out an initial assessment of their communication skills and give an opinion on whether her input would enable the vulnerable person's participation with the trial more effective.

  • Write a report for court, making recommendations in relation to useful modifications (similar to Special Measures for witnesses).

  • Attend and facilitate communication at Hearings, conferences, trial and sentencing


The recommendations made will focus on facilitating the vulnerable person's ability to participate effectively before and during the trial. They would relate to the areas of attention, understanding, communication and emotional regulation because all of these skills impact a vulnerable person’s ability to participate to the best of their ability.


Tina will make recommendations for questioning in order to elicit a vulnerable person's evidence in chief to the best of their ability, as well as for cross examination, so that any disruption to the flow of the proceedings is minimised. 

Please refer your vulnerable client to Tina via The Intermediary Cooperative 

The referral process is extremely easy and straightforward.

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