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Tina Pereira BSc(AST), MEd was trained and accredited as a Registered Intermediary (RI) by the Ministry of Justice in 2007 (Registration no 6080). Since that initial training, she has worked as an intermediary in several Crown, Magistrate and Youth Courts, mostly in the Midlands.  Tina worked for many years as a specialist speech and language therapist in the UK. She has also previously worked overseas, having trained at the University of Bombay (India) and the University of Virginia, (USA). 


Tina works in the area of Learning Disability (LD) (adults and children); she also works with typically developing children. LD in adulthood can be associated with a number of factors e.g. Genetic abnormalities (such as Down’s Syndrome), neuro-developmental disorders (such as Autism/ASD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ADHD), Traumatic Brain Injury and severe environmental deprivation. LD can often co-exist with Mental Health conditions.


Tina is currently working on a PhD at Cardiff University relating to evaluating the quality of evidence produced by witnesses with a Learning Disability using Alternative and Augmentative Communication (i.e. communication aids) in ABE interviews. 

Tina is on the training group that is writing and delivering training to new Registered Intermediaries for the Ministry of Justice. While working as a speech and language therapist, she has written and delivered training to Health, Education and Social Care colleagues in relation to working with individuals with a Learning Disability.

Tina is a member of Intermediaries for Justice (the professional organisation for intermediaries in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and was Honorary Secretary from December 2014 to November 2017. She is also a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the International Association of Forensic Linguists and the International Society for Conversation Analysts. 

Intermediary with:

  • Defendants in Crown and Magistrate courts

  • Suspects in interviews with the police

  • Vulnerable people at Family Courts

Registered Intermediary with with witnesses and alleged victims

Please email Tina to organise an intermediary assessment


Secure email: tina.pereira@intermed.cjsm.net 

General email: tinapereira28@gmail.com   

(Please do not give any person-identifiable details such as your client's name, if using this email address. Tina will reply securely via cjsm after your initial contact.)  

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