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Intermediary for  suspects, defendants and in Family Courts
Family Courts
About Tina Pereira

Tina Pereira BSc(AST), MEd, was trained and accredited as a Registered Intermediary (RI) by the Ministry of Justice in 2007 (Registration no 6080). Tina’s area of specialism is Learning Disability (LD) (adults and children). 


Since her initial training, she has worked as an intermediary in several Crown, Magistrate and Youth Courts. Prior to her training, Tina worked for many years as a specialist speech and language therapist in the UK and she has also worked overseas prior to that.

Arranging an intermediary assessment with Tina Pereira

Please email Tina directly in order to organise an intermediary assessment, report and recommendations for your client. Please do not use any person-identifiable details at this point. Once you have made contact with Tina and given her details of your secure email address, she will liaise with you in secure mode. 

Communication difficulties impact all aspects of life i.e. decisions relating to education, work and social relations, as well as the ability to make informed legal choices.

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Identifying vulnerability in your client

Vulnerability is not always visible. Additionally, not many adults are keen to acknowledge the difficulties they experience in understanding, communicating and interacting with other people.   


In order to identify if your client is vulnerable, ask yourself the following questions...  read more


Please email Tina to organise an intermediary assessment


Secure email: tina.pereira@intermed.cjsm.net 

General email: tinapereira28@gmail.com   

(Please do not give any person-identifiable details such as your client's name, if using this email address. Tina will reply securely via cjsm after your initial contact.)  

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